Unleash Your Earning Potential

Unleash Your Earning Potential

Proearn teaches individuals how to turn their skills into a business and start working for themselves.  Get the guidance you need to identify and market your most profitable skills or learn a new skill to start working in a very short time.   Learn to market your skills and earn part-time or full-time income as a freelancer offline and online. Or learn to earn with retail sales, using your phone.

Proearn also offers motivation, guidance and a great deal of free information to anyone interested in a home based opportunity.

So if you have cash problems?  Need to earn more money? You've taken the first step in achieving your goal of working from home and earning extra cash.  Here you will find opportunities that are delivering on their promise and you get paid!  Come learn to earn with Proearn, and become a part of our family. Please scroll down and review some of the easiest & legitimate ways to jump start your financial freedom below: 

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Have a shop or stall? Or just need to earn extra monthly income? How about selling phone credit!

EARN extra cash selling Digicel & Lime prepaid Phone to phone credit. FREE SIGNUP! FREE TEXTING! FREE CASH TO TRY IT!

How Does It Work?

You signup and a phone account is created for you. You will add funds to your account and pull from that cash whenever you wish to order/purchase credit. You are expected to add your markup to the product then resell to your customers. That is your retail profit. Plus you can also earn commissions along with your sales!  😀 

If you would like to maximize your profits and earn $Rewards,  join Team Proearn to get started with a phone credit sales account today.  Must have a LIME or Digicel mobile cell phone OR 24/7 immediate internet access to use with your Digicel Android smartphone OR see the options on the signup page.  Must be 18 years or older to participate.  

Available in Jamaica only.  


Got Skills?

Want to become a freelancer?

Want to start earning money online or offline working with your skills?

Want to turn your gig into a full-time business freelancing from home?

Start working with your skills or learn a new skill today!


Many companies will pay you in cash to review their websites. They pay for your genuine feedback on their products or services; as a result of navigating and testing links, you can help them to fine tune their websites, apps and software to improve customer experience and make them more user friendly.
A micro job is small task type work which takes a short time to complete. They require little to no skill, you just need to be able to follow instructions properly.


"Bro, I love this site. it is one of the most informative i have seen on the web. The links are very useful and i haven't been through all a dem yet. I am an amateur when it come..."  Leroy
Operations Manager                 More Testimonials....
Here is a great way to monetize not only your Twitter account, but also Youtube, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You must have over 1,000 followers to participate.

In the Izea Sponsorship Marketplace, there are two main ways that allows you to connect directly with advertisers. They can make you a direct offer at the asking price you set per connection or they can choose to accept the bid that you create. You can also get paid as an affiliate when you promote products by sharing them on social media.

Sign up as a Creator and start getting paid to tweet! Blab!  Monetize your Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr and more!  

Connect To PAID TO CLICK Sites And Earn FREE US$

Trusted PTC sites are sites users have already tested and which always pay out what you have earned. Do you throw away the loose change you receive after a purchase? I don't! I put them in my little savings bank.  Maybe you use a jar, a bottle, whatever you store your pocket change in.  To me paid to click sites add to my piggy bank. I invite you to start your online piggy bank and start earning US$ for FREE with some of the best and trusted paying  sites at connect2ptc

This is a FREE INTERNET BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY to work at home on the Internet. Free quick courses show you how. They supply free training to start your business. Start part time and make money in your spare time. This is an excellent opportunity with many portals for anyone to earn money by working the program and marketing the FREE "gateway" websites. 

The best part about this home based business is that you are not required to pay any upfront fees and there's no cost EVER unless you choose to invest.  Everything  can be done from your computer, tablet, or smart phone. You can earn commissions marketing numerous products and services, if you are willing to work a minimum of 2 hrs./day.  You can also add your own products and reap the benefits.      Read and Learn More ....

Here's another EASY way to earn a monthly commission income:

Promote these best-selling health products and earn with the No. 1 Herbal Affiliate Program. We’re talking about products for hair, anti-aging, general health, sexual health, mental health and more!

Earn commissions starting from 30% up to 50% on sales you refer.

Earn commissions from ALL future purchases made by your referred customers.

Start with no out of pocket money and no experience. Free training available every step of the way.


Want to make loads of cash with products that almost sell themselves?  Click the link and get started today!     


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Affiliate marketing is when you promote other people's products or services and in return earn a commission for any sales generated as a result of your efforts. Here you the affiliate are paid based on your performance.  An advertiser will provide various links, banners and texts which contain your unique referral id for use in your promotions. This is so that they can track any leads you generate toward a sale. This is accomplished through 'cookies'.  Now cookies work with web browsers and they are used to store information such as user preferences, login information including the date and time a click is made on any of your links or ads.

So how can you get into affiliate marketing?  First, you need to find products or services to promote.  You can sell digital or physical goods.

What else can you do to earn some extra  money? 


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